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Because you have to present regularly, you want to make the experience more enjoyable and effective for you and your audience. You feel confident about the content, but are unsure about how you and your message come across. You would like to feel more self-assured about your verbal and non-verbal communication while presenting. In this ‘hands-on’ training you will learn how to present your message more effectively and with more enthusiasm.

Target group

This training is developed for professionals who regularly give presentations in their work and wish to make these more focused, enjoyable and effective.

Goal and structure

This is an interactive training in which successful theories are explored and then applied and practiced. You discover what you can do to deliver a more authentic en enthusiastic presentation by experimenting with different techniques. The practise is guided by an experienced trainer, who will encourage and demonstrate, support and confront you to bring out the best in you. During the training, the presentations are recorded so you are able to review and reflect upon your performance.

Throughout the entire training trajectory, our online learning platform (e-Connect) will be available. Here you will find extra exercises, information and the means to communicate with the trainer and other participants.

Preliminary training

No special preliminary training is required.

Study load and duration

This course has a duration of 2 days.

Course materials

You will use the latest literature and receive access to a modern online learning environment. This online learning platform includes all information required for your training.

Classroom teaching or virtual classroom

You will attend the meetings from this program in a class on location. Our teaching locations are located throughout the Netherlands. When registering, you can specify your preferred location. Do you prefer a classical program without travel time instead? Then virtual classroom offers you the solution: fixed times, with a teacher online.

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Onze opleidingsadviseurs zijn nu telefonisch bereikbaar. Op werkdagen van 08.30 tot 17.00 uur. WhatsApp van 10.00 tot 16.00 uur.

Heb je vragen?

Onze opleidingsadviseurs zijn nu telefonisch bereikbaar. Op werkdagen van 08.30 tot 17.00 uur. WhatsApp van 10.00 tot 16.00 uur.

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